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Claudia and Josh are so cute together.


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inmortart said:
Hi! I've been reading your latter posts about Claudia's English, and well, I'm Spanish as well, I know her since she appeared in this series called "Luna, el misterio de Calenda". I think she is a very beautiful person, and compared to other Spanish people, her English is pretty good!! So I'd like to see those who criticize her English speaking Spanish, our first language, which is VERY difficult, and see if they like others trying to ridicule them like they do to Claudia!

I actually think she’s very good. English is not my first language either, so I know how hard it is to try and form sentences and have the right accent at the same time.

I have only seen two people criticise Claudia and I don’t think their opinion matters all that much. Pretty much everyone else defended her.

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Josh Hutcherson - Escobar: Paradise Lost premiere

Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac attend the Escobar: Paradise Lost premiere

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