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Josh Hutcherson with fans at TIFF Red Carpet Premiere of Escobar: Paradise Lost


When watching a Josh Hutcherson movie, there’s nothing more distracting than having Josh Hutcherson sit across from you during the movie

Anonymous said:
I swear to god idealfry and his minions are becoming downright hateful people. Claudia did really great with her English, esp for it not being her native tongue. Those who speak with an accent means that they can speak more than one language. That's something to admired, not made fun of which is exactly what those hateful people are doing.

I was actually surprised at how good she was - and her accent is adorable.
I’m a million times worse.

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TIFF Red Carpet: Actor Claudia Traisac from the film “Escobar: Paradise Lost”

It was pretty hard to get what she was saying. Good chemistry? ugh? I didn’t get that from the trailer nor have I read anything good about the romance part of the movie from all of the review so far. And it’s called ‘chemistry reading’ my dear. Good to know that she’s leaving tomorrow, Madrid misses you!

You do realise that English is not everyone’s first language, right?

Claudia Traisac at the “Escobar: Paradise Lost” premiere

Josh Hutcherson and Claudia Traisac attend the “Escobar: Paradise Lost” premiere at TIFF 2014