"I absolutely wish that we could [use Facebook like everyone else]. I think it’s so much fun. I see so many people enjoying it so much."

Josh Hutcherson gets personal with Esquire Magazine in honor of the magazine’s 80th anniversary.

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when I see someone insult peeta mellark-



Sam’s like, “Oh! Oh! Spray me next! Spray me next!”

We need another sighting of Josh Hutcherson


Anonymous said:
So that last review from pl confused me. I don't know if it was because my english comprenhension is so bad or what..Did they like Josh? Clearly they liked Benicio..I know is kinda mixed but I didn't get the point of this review. Can you help me?

I don’t understand, either!
I don’t think they liked his acting all that much:

You know that deeply anxious expression that Josh Hutcherson wears throughout “The Hunger Games" movies? Well, if you’re a fan of his trademark chagrined countenance, you get a whole lot more of it in "Escobar: Paradise Lost

Hutcherson plays the one note he’s given capably, if not transfixingly, lacking whatever it would take to convince you that most of his character’s decisions aren’t utter bonehead moves. Whatever fascination the film invites belongs solely to Del Toro

But they thought the movie was okay. I’m not sure, though :/

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